Wow! What a busy break we had! We spent our spring break in the clutches of winter storms. Braving the bitter temperatures and harsh winds was nothing when spending time at the school gave us all our daily adventures. From racing the sun to be the first ones to rise, to the quicksand- like- nature of the 3ft snow pits of Glacier, and countless games of basketball, we thrived in the great territory of Browning, Montana.

As a leader, it was a gift to see a group of strangers grow from “awko-tacos” to loud, energetic pals. The kiddos at the school fed off the energy each member or the team brought on that 14- passenger bus. This group connected brilliantly and made each reflection insightful.  In case y’all were curious, we have some major cooks and card players among us.  Outside of our daily fill of brown sack lunches and PB and J sammies, our meals were fit for royalty.  It was truly teamwork that made the dream work. The group read off of each other and excellently took care of each other the entire week.

That comfort amongst the SMUmans, translated in the halls of DLSBS. Whether it was reading with a student in the hallways, listening to the wonderful speakers provided, or crushing that thing called sports, the team put their best foot forward in making their time, valuable and their efforts, fruitful. There were hardly any terrible moments… except, of course, the train delays.

In the end, it was truly an honor to work with such amazing humans. Our weirdness meshed in just the right way to turn the trip into one of the best road trips of all time. We left the Reservation having learned a lot and having gained a new appreciation for Blackfeet culture. We went for various reasons, but we left with the same love in our hearts for that school.