Campus Ministry



Suggestions for prayer and self-offering in response to recent church events

  • If you are aware of someone in authority in the Church who has abused another or has been abused or have in any way suffered abuse yourself, please report it.
  • Please know that we will set a time for listening sessions with appropriate personnel to discuss together the impact these events are having or have had.
  • If you find yourself in need of counseling for these or other issues, please contact our wellness center.
  • Please join with others on Wednesdays, whenever possible (especially when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed), so that as many members of the community who can take time to make a visit to the Chapel (a few minutes, a half hour, an hour) asking Mary, Patroness of our University, to intercede for us and bless us in order to keep our Church, her ministers and seminarians full of faith, hope, and love and to give us all the chance “to be faithful to the Gospel.”
  • I ask that as many as can pray the rosary daily or at least once a week (especially when possible as a family or with others) for healing and peace in our culture and Church.
  • If you are of another faith tradition, please join in prayer or meditation in your own tradition for an end to the pain and suffering.
  • In solidarity with those who have suffered and have been deprived of what is rightly theirs by abuse, let us make this a time to practice Friday penance by abstaining from eating meat and fasting.
  • Special days will be planned, focused on fasting, penance, and prayer for the sins of those in power who have been abusive to children, women, and anyone else who has suffered because of abuse. These will be on Sept. 18-20, which traditionally denote the change in seasons. Traditionally these three days (called Ember Days) are in each of the four seasons and are reserved for prayers of good weather and also to be times of prayer and fasting. During these days we ask for God’s blessing and intercession on our behalf for our good. (They are usually held on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday but our schedule doesn’t allow for such exact observance this fall). The prayer and fasting are a kind of sacrifice and praise. By the same tradition, the weather — on each of the three days — foretells the weather for three successive months. As the almanac states, “Grounded in common sense since the beginning of the four seasons cue the changes in weather as well as a shift in how we keep harmony with the Earth and respect our stewardship of the Earth, our ‘Garden of Eden.’ ” We hope then that these days can act as a call to prayer and self-offering for good stewardship of our physical home and, with this latest crisis, also for good stewardship of our spiritual home. United in prayer as a family, we can effect even greater good and change for the better.
  • Pray a Novena for all those who have been affected.
  • Plans are being made in Campus Ministry and with Student Affairs to work with individuals in the Twin Cities and in Rochester who so choose to be part of the way forward.
  • Review this letter from Pope Francis to the people of God.
  • Here are two additional and helpful resources, one from the Christian Brothers Conference website and the other from the WorldPriest website.

My heart goes out to the abused, the down trodden, the victims of any sexual violence, those who are guilty of such sin and/or crimes, and to all the innocents who are affected by this for years to come.