Today was the fourth day in the classroom. I switched from helping with the sixth grade to the fourth grade today. I really enjoyed getting to know a whole other class and see how their personalities and maturities differentiated from that of the sixth graders.

I would say my favorite part of today was snowshoeing. After we ate lunch, we departed on an adventure in East Glacier National Park where we met up with some of the park rangers to go snowshoeing. It was the first time on this SOUL trip that I have had the opportunity to really engage with nature. For me, this experience was a great time of bonding with the other people on this trip.

After our outdoor excursion, we headed back to the school for a Bingo night! It was being put on by the eight-grade class to raise money for their trip to Chicago. I really enjoyed seeing the community really come together and help out these young people raise money.