Today was an amazing experience. I really love being able to go to Mexico, Ciudad Juárez. I really love being able to talk with the women of hope and faith, I found it fun being able to translate for the from Spanish to English and from English and Spanish to English. I really like hearing their stories and all the hard things they go thru. The day kept getting better with being able to go talk about the coordinator of the medic station that takes care of disabled children. After that we got the opportunity to go to explore Ciudad Juárez and it was an amazing experience, but this day took a big down hill when we had to cross over back to the United States, both of the brothers got stopped and taken in to a separate room I can just imagine how scared they are. I also got mad with the CBP because while I was crossing they asked if I was here as well as everyone else to see the “life in the border” and I said yes, following that another officer mimicked that and started laughing. I am now really mad and disappointed with the USA I don’t know how to feel anymore.