Today, I went to Mexico for the first time and it was a nice experience. We went to go visit Women of Hope & Faith and they were a lively group of women. I had a chance to talk to them and translate what my other friends had to say to them. It was so heartwarming to see them talk about how much they kept on going forward and trying to new things to provide for their family. Not only did we talk to them but we also sang and ate the food they cooked for us. They were an inspiring group of women who reminded so much of my mom and aunts. They had a strong spirit that I think touched all of us. After meeting with the woman, we went to a clinic that helped children with special needs. That was another thing that touched me because she helped people even if they did not have special needs and did not turn them away. When we were done talking to her we did some exploring around Juarez. Going to Mexico for a day was really beautiful and it made the day go by fast. I am planning to return one day but this time to spend a little more time over there and learn about other communities.