Following the pattern of the usual day this week, Wednesday started with morning prayer at 6:45, followed by breakfast before we headed to school for our third day with the kids. Today I was working in the language arts classroom like I’ve done the past couple of days. Language arts is definitely not my prime subject, but getting to help the students and the teacher has been a fun experience. I also had the opportunity to go along with the 7th graders to the area golf course to participate in “The First Tee” project which helps the kids to learn life skills through getting to play a little golf. Indoor recess because of the cold had us playing a lot of card games with the kids and even learning some new games to play. After lunchtime where I sat with the eighth grade boys, we had a few more classes in which we got our exercise on in P.E. and learned the traditions of Judaism in Religion class. After coming back to the Brothers’ house, we enjoyed a delicious casserole made by their cook. For evening prayer, we had a meditation while we listened to a powerful song telling us to slow down and admire what God has given us in our daily lives. It’s hard to believe that it’s already Wednesday, but I think we are all very excited for tomorrow at school and another wonderful day at the San Miguel school.