It was officially our third school day, and I think we were all getting adjusted to the school life in Browning. Even with the change of plans we were able to meet three Browning community members, who took the time to talk to us and and share some education. The first person we met was a local artist named Ernest Marceau Jr., and he informed us about the process of his art making. As the day went on, we were able to do two separate talks with Patricia Devereaux and Robert Hall. Robert Hall is one of the few young Blackfeet natives that can fluently speak the native language. He did speak some of the language, but he also educated us in a poem-like form. Patricia Devereaux told us her family history but also talked about her love for her family and the community. We able to end off our night at a restaurant in East Glacier and try out some Buffalo Burgers & Huckleberry Shakes. This was also a great opportunity bond, learn from brother Dale, and check out the gift shop.