It was an early start this morning with 6:45am prayer with Brothers Kevin and Richard.  They are both wonderful and have kept us laughing and full of good food since we came. San Miguel Middle School starts at 7:30am every morning so, after a quick breakfast we headed to the school; baited with anticipation about what we were about to walk into. Our visit this week was a secret from the students so from the second we walked they were elated to see us. After they went to first period we had the opportunity to sit down with the principal. He walked us through the history of the community, the student’s backgrounds, and what we would be helping with during our stay. Then we were all separated into classrooms; I went into a 6th and 7th grade language arts class. I spent the majority of the morning helping students finish their writing projects and trying to explain what almost 3 feet of snow looks like. I want to work as a middle school psychologist in the future, so it was fantastic to be in their space and learn about them. They were much more interested in learning about me than focusing on their work. After an amazing lunch at local Mexican restaurant, we stopped by the community’s bakery for some delicious sweet breads. For the rest of the afternoon we played soccer outside with the students. They seemed to have a boundless amount of energy, even after the long day. As the school day came to a close at 4:00pm they all made sure to say goodnight and tell us how excited they were to see us tomorrow. We went back to the Brother’s house to soak in the last hours of the sun’s warmth and sit on the patio to share about our first day at San Miguel.  This picture-perfect day wrapped up with a fun night of games and time together.