Greetings from Montana! Yesterday was our first full day of being in Montana and our day started the best way- breakfast and conversation. Because it was Sunday, we went to mass. At mass there was less people than there would have been, but the importance of community was greatly shown. During the giving of peace in mass everyone went to the other side of the church to greet everyone and even greeted us immersion students like life-long friends. After mass we went to Subway to get lunch, then to orientation.

At the orientation we learned about Blackfeet culture and history. Their history is interesting and long. I did not expect to hear that that the Blackfeet were around over 12,000 years. After orientation we went grocery shopping and did some team bonding. That day we played Hot Seat for an hour. Hot Seat is a game where one person in a group is asked rapid fire questions about him/herself, then the next person goes. Through this activity bonds were made, and it helped show each other’s personalities. This showed our energies and lives. To end the day, we ate dinner with the Christian Brothers and Lasallian Volunteers and reflected as a group. They brought over chili, brownies, and corn muffins. At the dinner I could see the passion of the volunteers for their work. One of them even came from Florida to be here. The energy of everyone there shows how important fellowship is in Christian faith. The reflection at the end of the night was a great way to understand each other and something I enjoy.