Greetings from Browning, Montana! After a 26-hour train ride from Winona to Browning, we have arrived at the Holy Family Mission. This is my first SOUL trip and long train ride experience, so it was a day filled with new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences, the highlight of my day on the train was meeting and bonding with my nine other teammates between crashing in my train seat. We played games together, did some homework together, played tag out in the snow, and did a whole lot of talking and bonding in the train’s observation deck, which is the best way to spend a night on a train between recovering from the week before break.

As we got closer and closer to Browning, I prepared myself more and more for working on the De La Salle School on the Blackfeet Nation Reservation. I am very excited to be working with their eighth-grade class, as I am excited to work with students close to the age that I will one day be teaching. As an education major, I am prepared to take these experiences from the Blackfeet Reservation to better myself as a teacher and better the experience of my future students. I am very much looking forward to the events of this SOUL trip as I will bond with my teammates, learn more about the world around me, and use these experiences to better myself as an individual in this tumultuous, yet amazing, world.