New Orleans, LA – After the dreaded day one of ceiling drywall, it was difficult to convince ourselves that today was going to be much better. Yet, much to our surprise, things took a turn for the better when we arrived on site. The pieces of drywall we had fussed with at the end of the prior day (but simply could not get to go) went up within the first half hour of work. This was a minor confidence boost which motivated us to finally finish the room we had all coined as the “hell room”.  Once we were able to move to a more open room we were able to get some larger pieces hung and see progress as we worked our way towards the hallway. It was certainly still slow going but not nearly as “soul sucking” (as one of our site-leaders described it) as the previous day.

I would have to say, that the best part of the entire day was the teamwork that we all displayed. At one point, we had a large piece of drywall in the air, tired arms, and one too few benches to stand on to properly do the job. This forced us to yell out for help, and before we knew it there were five new faces standing in the room ready to help in any way possible. It is little things like this that make me realize just how close our group has become. In just a few short days we went from acquaintances to good friends. We truly can count on one another when we need a hand, both literally and figuratively. For this I will be forever grateful.


– Emily Seykora