Browning, MT – I’m gonna be honest, I started out not knowing what to expect. I was very excited to come to Browning. I couldn’t wait to meet the community, students and teachers, and learn about the Blackfoot culture. I was also nervous; I really didn’t know anyone who was going on the trip with me. On Friday when all of the SOUL groups met for dinner, I started to feel more at ease, Colin gave a talk about how we (SOUL trip attendees) would get close and have amazing experiences. He was right, it is only Tuesday but my group has already had some fun experiences and are starting to grow close.

Although we did not have school today (snow day), we had a wonderful day yesterday. I spent my day with Ms. Kelly’s 4th grade class. They are a group of energetic, smart, and loving kids. I have only spent one day with them, but they have already welcomed me into their class with open arms, asked me to play basketball with them, and sit at their lunch table.

This community has been so welcoming! Today we got to listen to a local artist explain some of his art. We also got to listen to a local teacher talk about the Blackfoot culture and Native American history. It was so interesting. It reminded me of this quote I once heard, I don’t remember who said it. “The more I learn, the more I find out that there is so much I still don’t know.” I am so excited to spend three more days with the students.

P.S. There are dogs that run around on the streets, we got to pet them, IT WAS AMAZING!


– Anna Washburn