Browning, MT – Everyone got ready for the day, kids started to come in, me and my team introduced ourselves to the kids, and then shipped off to our classes. I walked into my class for advisory, which was 5th Grade, and as I walked in, there were only four kids who showed up to class. The first class they had was gym, which really wakes you up–let me tell you.  Second was reading and language arts, and their third class was science. After that, we had lunch and then recess. We got back to class and had religion, then social studies, and finally math. Math was interesting, because I tried to explain what a variable is to a student, and me being mathematically challenged probably didn’t help.  I felt like I might of confused the kid, but hopefully he’ll get the swing of it.  This day made me realize I’m really not cut out to be a teacher.

As school ends, we all go shopping for Monday’s dinner, which Heven and I are making.  Around 6 p.m., Heven and I started to cook our exotic orange chicken and rice along with potstickers, egg rolls, and some veggies. We set up a big table, ate, and talked about some goofy stories. For the record, I’m just proud we didn’t kill anyone with my cooking, so now I can add chef to my resume.

Later on, we had reflection again, which I thought went very well. Two things we talked a lot about were how these kids have so much less than us and those of other schools, and how it makes you realize what you take for granted. We also talked about how strong the community is here that it’s all a big family, which I admire the most about the Reservation. We then go about our ways and then head to bed once again.


– Kyle Thompson