Tulsa, OK – Hi everyone!! My name is Jake Homan, and I am currently serving on a Saint Mary’s immersion in Tulsa. On this trip, our group is working in the San Miguel Middle School here in Tulsa. I have the opportunity in helping with the Math and PE classes. This is the second SOUL trip that I have been on. I went to Browning, Montana last year where we worked in another De La Salle school there.

Today was the first day of school, and it was a fun one. We had fun going on a little walk around the neighborhood followed by a stop at Pancho Anaya, a Mexican bakery for pastries with the principal. After getting a rather short tour of the school, it was off to help in the classrooms. I was put in the math classes for the whole morning. We played a funny concentration game with shapes, and I also got to help a student with his math homework. It’s fun to have experiences like these that really open up what these kids are learning and how much they really know when they can be in some tough situations. After corn dog day at lunch, we headed out for recess. Let me tell you, these kids can sure play soccer. They looked like they were pretty good, especially coming from my perspective as the world’s worst soccer player. They were having so much fun and brought so much energy which could make anyone happy to be there. I was the goalie for my team and the kids were pretty impressed that I actually somehow stopped a couple shots. It was so cool to see how much passion for soccer these kids have and how much fun they have wanting to include others. They can surely teach you a lesson or two about ball handling, but it was fun to give out fist bumps to everyone.

One of the best parts of the school day was the fact that the students in a class that I was helping with all came up to me and shook my hand and introduced themselves to me and welcomed me to the school. I just thought that it was so cool that they were all lucky to have someone helping them and that they were happy to have a visitor.

After school, we accomplished the goal unknowingly set to us in our Sunday mass homily of not being a bystander and call for help. We were stopped because of traffic, and a fender-bender collision happened right in front of us. Kirsten quickly called 911, and we felt like we helped out in the situation as best we could. After a good meal with the Brothers, Sue, and the Lasallian Volunteers, we headed to Freckles for ice cream. We all enjoyed some ice cream and fellowship before heading to bed. This has been a great trip so far, and hopefully continues to be a fun and faith-filled trip.


– Jake Homan