Browning, MT – Sunday morning we all got up, showered, and changed, and even had enough time to play a few rounds of UNO before we departed to Mass. Mass was a nice service, and afterwards, at breakfast we were introduced to Aimee’s family, since she herself is from Browning. After breakfast, we headed back to the school, but saw some dogs, so we played with a couple of local strays, which were very kind and were just waiting to get some attention.  Of course me being me, I had to pet all of them–especially since I haven’t seen my dog since early January, and need some dog therapy because school be kicking my butt lately. After visiting with the dogs, we finally returned to the school. 

That afternoon, we had a seminar with the teachers. They talked to us about the kids, what each class is like such as the personality, and also being aware of what challenges and struggles the kids are facing and how that can be brought into school. After the seminar we decided which classroom we wanted, and I picked 5th Grade, as did Heven.

We then started to plan and pair up what to make for dinner for the next three days. To be honest, when I heard that we had to cook, I panicked  a little bit since my cooking skill are basically come from working at an ice cream shop, and making mac & cheese. Heven and I decided to pair up to make dinner and decided on making Orange Chicken and rice. After our class and dinner planning we all head to the local store that’s only a few feet away from the school to get the supplies for food that night and for breakfast in the morning. After getting our goods, we get back then start to make dinner then eat it all up. After cleaning, we had a bit of free time before we met as a group for reflection which we’ll have every day of our trip. In reflection, we talked  about our day, what we were excited and/or nervous about for Monday and then said some prayer. Afterwards, we were informed that Monday would be a late start day, which meant that classes would most likely be small since some of the students and their families were still buried or snowed in and because of bad road conditions and closures. We then played some games in the gym, and then went to bed.


– Kyle Thompson