The soul experience thus far has been life changing. I’ve been to many SOUL trips my four years at Saint Mary’s and this trip was different but amazing. It was the first time I helped in classrooms. I was not sure what to expect but I knew that it would feel like a flashback.
The kids we worked with lived in an area that had low socioeconomic population. Violence and injustice was relevant in their lives. Many kids also faced issues because of the Trump administration and it was heartbreaking. The kids were so funny and I was able to connect really well with them. I shared my background and story with each class. Many kids felt inspired and that made feel like I was doing what I am meant to do.
Overall, I already miss the kids and wish I could have done more because a week was not enough. What is most impactful was how teachers kept reminding us of how helpful our presence was to these kids and how they will never stop talking about us. I won’t forget them either and hope to return. I am truly thankful to have been with these kids and my group on my last SOUL trip.