Day 4 – Second Day at Ocean Tides School
Today was the day that my outlook completely changed.  After conversing with Ed (art teacher) before class about his experience at Ocean Tides, my eyes and heart were opened.  17 years of teaching afternoons after staying up over his night shift of putting the boys to bed, watching over them while they sleep, and waking them up in the morning, only to sleep a few hours before teaching later in the afternoon.  Ed does this because of his faith hope and love for these boys.  Ed is the same teacher that yesterday I saw being made fun of in class.  Ed’s relationship with these boys is of a deep understanding and love.  Today I saw the heart of Jesus in Ed and in so many of the other teachers, staff, and volunteers.
Most importantly this realization has opened my eyes to see the heart of Jesus in those we are here to serve:  the boys.