Although we are in the school from 7:15-4:30 or later every day, the days seem to go by faster as the week progresses and we grow closer to the students. The students are starting to call us by name and interact with us more. At lunch, Kelsey’s and my lunch disappears once again. We look at the students and they are giggling. We let them keep the chips and granola bar… Boy were they happy. They continue to kick our butts in basketball.

Today was a very fun day as we celebrated Ash Wednesday. The students were well-behaved and did a great job at mass. One thing that brightened my day was seeing the kids shake hands during the sign of peace. When they went up for communion, they shook the hands of many more kids and teachers they were not able to get to before. For the most part, all the kids seem to get along. They are always respectful towards one another and there to pick each other up. I am thankful for these students letting us into their little community and wanting us to be involved in their school.