Dear Diary!

So, yesterday I had the opportunity to go out and do what is called “Tracking” basically what that means is I went out with a professional “Tracker” and checked up on kids who are in need of Tides Family Services.  Some of these kids have multiple truancy violations, some of them are in trouble from the school for fighting, some of them for much more serious offenses.  They all come from troubled homes and the Tracker’s job is to go to the homes of these kids every day and to check up on them.  The Trackers see how they are doing, how their day went, and make sure they are taking steps in the right direction to get better.

Myself and the Tracker I was with visited this one kid’s house and went into the home.  When we got there, we waited for the young man to get back from his neighbor’s.  When he arrived, he greeted me first with a handshake and introduction.  I would learn later that that handshake was a very big moment for that kid!  According to the Tracker, him showing me that much respect was a big step for him from where he was when they first started working with him.  It was amazing to see how these kids come from experiences and families so broken and traumatized that something as little as a handshake could mean so much in steps towards progress.  It was amazing as well, hearing that and then realizing that I got the blessing to see that first hand….lol.  Well, this experience has been amazing and learning about these kids and seeing them for who they are and why has been enlightening, and I cannot wait for what tomorrow has.