A day in the life of Regina in the lovely state of Montana with the seventh grade at De La Salle Blackfeet School

5:47 am : I step outside to see if the stars are shining in all of their Montana glory, but much to, my chagrin, I emerge out of our toasty, humble abode into a raging snow-storm. Cest la vie, I like the snow.

6:40 am: In case we aren’t all early risers, Jake serenades us from the shower with a lovely albeit slightly pitchy version of “Good good Father”. We appreciate him.

7:30 am: I meet Richard at school and ask him to play basketball with us. He turns me down because he “needs to feed his cows”. I find out the cows are virtual…disappointed. But he does break wild mustangs in real life. He is more than redeemed.

10:00 am: We learn about debates regarding the founding of Montana in social studies. Class debate ensues and I learn that having seventh graders get on their soap box can also mean standing on a milk crate.

12:04 pm: Students try to steal my lunch and unfortunately succeed. When they open it to find only fruit and vegetables left it is back in my hands faster than the gophers that scamper away outside our cabin.

1:08 pm: Math class. I work to catch up a student who missed class yesterday due to a sore throat. She was clearly not fully recovered today because all communication from her was done through interpretation of hand signals. Good thing we were only working on slope!

2:32 pm: Basketball in gym class. I played around the world but got nowhere near circumnavigation.

2:57 pm: Science-Yay!!!! We are learning about the solar system and doing planet reports. I was fortunate enough to work with Kylee and we had a fantastic time learning about Venus. You might say it was out of this world 😉 Although it didn’t happen in gym, I finally made it around the world!

4:15 pm: We got to listen to a Q&A with Martha, a past alumni of the De LaSalle Blackfeet School. Enlightening and extremely inspiring young woman. Patient too, I asked a LOT of questions.

5:20: Back to the homestead for the Fat Tuesday delicacy of tacos and Browning Brownies yum!

8:09 pm: Reflection- digesting food and the day together as a SOUL community! So wonderful to have such great, meaningful times with such kind, caring people to share it with!

9:23 pm: Brother Mark and John leave to the other house. That can only mean one thing…JAM SESSION!!! Who says that Rock & Soul was only in 2016?!