Blessed is an understatement when it comes to describing SOUL. From our impromptu first dinner to climbing on Sunday, and finally our first day in the classroom, it has been great. I chose to be in the 5th grade class, and what an adventure it is! The kids may have teenage attitude but at least they can back it up with their knowledge.

Having one-on-one time with some students throughout the day has helped me get to know them better. Today, I got to help in the math class that is split up into two groups. The group I helped was more advanced and fast-paced. As someone that isn’t confident in math, these kids really put me to the test when they asked me to create practice problems on mixed numbers for their upcoming test. I had a blast and seeing the kids really working hard brought me joy as I saw they made sure they weren’t going to get anything lower than A in that class.

Well, time to sign off as a dance party in the kitchen is happening!