Jammin’ Jake and Rhymin’ Reggie

Book of SOUL

Chapter 2

As taco Tuesday has come and went, we enter this great 40 days of Lent.

Walking into the blustering snow, onto the Blackfeet bus we go.

This morning in the first class, we did not accept any sass.

Jake led Benny down the right path, as he rocked his socks off in the class of math.

Kylee thought the solar system was pretty neat, and working with Regina was quite a treat.

Ball is life as the kids would say, they’d be down to play any time of day.

Jake is very very tall, make a shot over him and you’ll be the greatest of them all.

Shaun over there scavenging for carrots, oh, um,  gee oh dang what rhymes with carrots?!?

Richard wants to feed his cattle, but before too long we’ll get back in the saddle,

And saunter on back to the class, to prepare for tomorrows Ash Wednesday mass.

Since tonight is “Ash Eve”, I guess it is time for us to leave.

So we bid you adou until next time, when you can enjoy another rhyme.

p.s. Brownies and Ice cream are quite the combo, especially when the serving size is mambo.