Jake from State Farm

Book of SOUL

Chapter 1

Wow what a ride. Can you believe that I just went on my second twenty-four-hour trip in three months?!  First day here we decided to go on a little neature walk up in the hills. I love walking up in the hills when it is cold and I’m sick, but dogs really came to the rescue. Three random dogs decided to join us on our little adventure. We made it up most of the way before we gave it up for the day. We had some good laughs, dramatic falls, and some epic selfies while on our adventure before heading in and enjoying some chili and turkey with the Bros.

Monday was our first day heading into the school. And ooh boy was it an experience!! I was working with the eighth graders it was fun working with them on different subjects during class. During gym class, we hit the hardwood and ooh buddy Ball is really Life!! We had a nice short lunch and study time before confirmation class and the end of the day. I enjoyed playing catch with a football both before and after with a couple of kids. Nighttime came and morning followed, the first day.