We started off the morning at Bishop Kelly High School, at 8:45am getting ready and having bagels with Brother Kevin and Brother Richard. They both are hilarious and have a contagious joy about them. We then drove to Saint Mary’s Church in downtown Tulsa, OK for 10:30am mass. It was packed so we had to sit in three different pews throughout the church. The choir and band were great and really inspired a lot of us.

After mass, we went to Whataburger for lunch with the brothers and then proceeded onto a bus guided tour from the brothers of downtown Tulsa. We took a stop at a museum that was focused on the culture on the native Americans from the area. We saw artifacts, paintings, clothing and photographs. It was nice getting a closer look at the culture that we were staying in. We then toured around a little more as well as took pictures in front of the Giant Drill Man who was gold and was housed where the Oklahoma State Fair is.

After, we took a Walmart pit stop and then went back to the high school. We had an hour and a half of free time before dinner. Some students napped while others watched a lacrosse scrimmage of the high school students. It was roughly 55-60 degrees that day, the locals were wearing winter coats and gloves while wrapped in blankets meanwhile the SMUMN students were in capris and sweatshirts! On our way, back inside some students set off the alarm within the place we were staying. We then had a wonderful BBQ dinner with the brothers. To round out the night some students took a target run to get air mattresses as well as other supplies. We reflected about what the week was going to be like and then had a spontaneous late night dance party and went to bed for the night in the school’s library!