Today was the third day in our ministry assignments. I was placed at the Saint Joseph’s Neighborhood Clinic this week and have been having a blast! Through shadowing healthcare providers, meeting new people and understanding the company’s mission, it has been quite the experience. Today in particular was a day I will always cherish because I got to experience a stronger relationship with my “co-worker” Bailey. We both have been going through the same motions each day at the clinic, filing paperwork and entering data, but today was a little different as I got to actually work alongside Bailey and talk with her about our lives and our futures. It is surprising that we see people everyday on campus and may know them by their faces, but never get the chance to speak with them one on one and know them for who they truly are. That’s why today and this S.O.U.L trip was a remarkable experience because we are blessed to not only learn about other people’s stories in this world, but also getting to know your classmates and the stories they carry as well.