Day 2:

Upon entering through the St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center doors, one may not realize the abundance of God’s graces that are around every corner at first glance. Coming from a financially comfortable family, as a young adult I am only now trying to wrap my mind around the idea of not having access to healthcare. I have yet to experience patient contact at this clinic, since today I did some filing for the IT department of the clinic, but I have this preconceived notion that these people come with an air of gratefulness and reliance on these providers at the clinic. Of the many regular (non-patient) faces at the clinic only a small fraction are paid employees while the rest are all volunteers. Most of these volunteers are trained professionals. The well known cardiologist at the prestigious hospital in town makes routine visits to St. Joseph’s monthly to see patients free of pay. The chiropractors, some nurses, and massage therapists are students in training gaining real word experience as well as giving of their gifts and talents for nothing in return. The IT workers and the volunteer coordinators sit and eat lunch together and discuss their families and invite one another to their barbeques. This group of employees is a family and they treat their patients with as much love as they would for one of their family members. At the news of a recent death of a patient from a drug overdose, the employees have come together to plan a memorial service for the young woman. As a mere spectator of God’s abundant love in this single day of events, I am challenged by a deep desire to help develop this type of community in my future place of employment.

On another note, I also experienced frustration today when I discovered that I will not get the opportunity to shadow a physical therapist this week as I had come to expect. With there being two other service locations that would have given me the opportunity to working frequently with physical therapists in unique settings, I found myself asking God, “Why did you place me here and not there?” First I asked this as a challenge, but the grace of the Holy Spirit has reminded me to have an open heart and open mind. Now I ask the question in a different tone, “Why here? What will you show me?” Despite doing nothing but paperwork all day, I end this day and start one anew with trust I my heart that God has chosen this place for me for a reason. And I am as excited as a little child on Christmas to find out what that reason is. Jesus, I trust in you!


~Bailey Windsperger