Day 2: 

Today was a wonderful first day of service in Rochester, New York. I was working in a soup kitchen with other volunteers from around the area. Today’s meal was tamales with rice and beans. I mostly spent my time preparing the lunch for the guests and then cleaning up afterwards. It of course is sorrowful to see so many people in need of a hot lunch, but it was heartwarming at the same time to see these people getting the food they needed for the time being. I didn’t get to talk with as many guests as I’d liked to, but I still have three more days for that opportunity to arise. Now that the first day nerves are over with, I look forward to the rest of the week knowing how I can help those around me. I also look forward to hearing how everyone’s day went. We will reflect on the day after dinner and then begin night prayer. I feel joyful that this service trip includes not only the act of serving, but also of prayer and reflection. Both are necessary in order to clearly know God’s calling for us.


~Amanda Baker