Rochester, NY – Today was day two of working in Rochester, NY, at Morning Star. Here, two religious sisters foster and care for people, children through adults, with disabilities. I have done everything these past two days from: scrubbing walls, to playing with children, to tearing up carpet, to taking kids outside on walks. These experiences the past two days have left three big marks on my heart:
1. One of the children I am serving is always running up to my leg and tugging at me for help or to go somewhere with him. He is always asking for help when he needs it! This made me think of my relationship with others and how I tend to close down and not ask others for help. I hope to be more like this child and ask for help and guidance when needed.
2. The topic of quality and quantity of life has been revealed to me very physically on this trip. Some of the children I am serving are completely paralyzed and are believed to not be aware of any of their surroundings. It is so sad to see these children sit in their wheelchairs and pass time completely helpless. Sister Jean, the woman in charge of the organization, has been a great blessing to these children. She loves them all the same by talking to them and treating the girls like princesses sitting on a throne. These children DO have an impact on others and their lives are valuable, especially in God’s eyes. Even if their lives seem hopeless to some human eyes, they are treasured and loved by God.
3. These children are kids first! A friend of mine from back home and the sisters here discussed how these kids with disabilities are kids first and disability second. This really stopped me in my tracks and made me think about the way I would and go about these situations. I thought I had always seen the child first, but this experience has taught me to purely see the child. I notice myself forgetting these children even have health complications altogether.
I can’t wait for the rest of this week; to serve others, learn new things, and be open to whatever God wants to reveal in my life.
God Bless,
Amanda Pohlman (Class of 2021)