After a long and snowy journey to Tulsa, myself and 10 students were happy to arrive to the very welcoming community here.  Though we have only been here for a little over 48 hours – we have seen a lot of what Tulsa has to offer including a tour of the town with Brother Richard and Brother Kevin, stopping at the movie theatre that was used for one of my all-time favorite movies “The Outsiders,” and other highlights around the city.

This morning was our first day at San Miguel.  We were welcomed by John who serves as both Principal and President.  He gave us a thorough orientation to the school including background information on the school’s founding and 11-year history, a trip to the Mexican bakery next door, and a walk around the neighborhood and tour of the school the students were ready to begin a week of building relationships and service.

I am thankful for how welcomed we have felt here.  The teachers are excited to have students help in whatever capacity their gifts fit which has included math, science, religion and Spanish.  We also helped a former teacher move into a new house this afternoon and later in the week there is a plan to reorganize and paint the library.  As I’ve listened to the students reflect they are excited for the week ahead and how they can be helpful!