Day 5:

Hey guys! Wow, I can’t believe today is day five here in Rochester, New York. I am having such a wonderful time here. I am serving at MorningStar foster care with fragile children with disabilities who meet the needs of children with exceptional physical or emotional needs who would be difficult to place in other foster homes.

Today I served by helping Jeanne at Morning Star by being an extra set of hands. I have helped with feeding, reading to Griffin, and playing with all the children, a little bit of light housekeeping, and even cooked her some tasty authentic Mexican food for Jeanne and her evening Nurses.

Today was a every emotional day at Morning Star because today was the day we cleaned and donated many of David’s personal belongings. David lived with renal failure, had two kidney transplants, and was on dialysis. David was one of Jeanne’s sons that she raised since he was three years old. He lived to be 31 and encountered many difficulties throughout his life.

Aside from the sorrow that filled the house with David’s passing, the other children at the home brought joy and hope. Particularly Kenyia, who is living with Sotos syndrome and who lacks the ability to move her physical body but is able display her love of music through her beautiful big brown eyes. Today I helped the nurse with Kenyia’s music therapy. What I experienced was life changing. Many doctors who do not see nor spend much time with her state that Kenyia has a infant cognitive understanding. However what was witnessed when I pressed play on her favorite cd was breathtaking. I witnessed her instantly react by opening her eyes and blinking her eyes to the beat. Throughout this entire experience, I have learned and have a better understanding on how to work with a child who lives with a disability and have developed a love for children who are without a family. Lastly, I see the face of God through Jeanne in her compassion and love for her children.

-Carolina Galvàn