Day 2:

I truly enjoyed my first day of service in Rochester, New York! I am working in a school named Hope Hall, which is a school completely for children who have some type of learning disability. The school is grades 3-12, so it is interesting for me to see how the school operates with students in the primary, middle and high school levels. I am an elementary ed. major so of course I am loving third grade so far. We have a very small classroom, only ten students total which makes learning and assisting students much easier than having a larger classroom.

Today I helped students with many different learning activities, went to art class with them as well as gym. It has been joyous for me getting to know these students. Despite their learning challenges, they are still children and love to be social and silly. It has been eye opening for me seeing how hard these students work to learn something new! Most of them love learning no matter what the struggles. I honestly wouldn’t mind working in a school like this one in the future! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings and what I am going to learn from all of my third grade students tomorrow.


~Ciara Kowalczyk